2020-2021 Board MEMBERs

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Jan Lanier


Magda Sakaan

1st Vice President

Dr. Suzi Miley

2nd Vice President / 2022 Conference Chair

Melissa MontiConference Liaison (non-voting) (2024)

Beth Houck

Secretary (2023)

Julie Harrison

Treasurer (2026)

Dr. Chris Tennyson

Parliamentarian (2022)

Tammy Harosky

Newsletter Editor (2026)

Dr. Amanda Nelms

Journal Editor (2024)

Dr. Cheri Crook

East (2024)

Anjelika Riano

East (2022)

Inna Slisher

East (2023)

Caitlin Woodburn

Middle (2024)

Tracy Brown

Middle (2022)

LeNaye Pearson

Middle (2023)

Dr. Shawn Price

West (2024)

Safiyyah Salaam

West (2022)

Michele Pope

West (2023)

TDOE Director of Title III Federal Programs (non-voting)
Debra FrantzTDOE Director of English Learner & Immigrant Programs (non-voting)

Renee Combs

Immediate past President (non-voting)

Dana Payne

Advocacy Representative (2024; non-voting)

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