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Gundi Ressin Scholarship

The TNTESOL Gundi Ressin Memorial Scholarship was established by the TNTESOL Board of Directors to provide funds to affiliate members to support their continuing commitment to the teaching of English to speakers of other languages in the following areas:
      • Special Instructional Project
      • Educational Opportunity
      • Professional Development
The Gundi funds are provided by a yearly amount in the TNTESOL budget and through contributions from members and friends in Gundi's memory. Five (5) Gundi Ressin Scholarships will be awarded on a yearly basis. There is no deadline for applying. Donations are accepted to the Gundi Fund year-round when registering for the annual TNTESOL conference or through the Donations link on our website.

TNTESOL members may apply for a Gundi Fund award by completing the application form. All applications must be submitted electronically to

In addition, award recipients must submit an article to the TNTESOL newsletter. Before applying, carefully review the criteria for eligibility. Applications must be received two (2) months prior to event deadline in order to be considered for the award. Applicants will be notified within four (4) weeks of application submission.

Criteria for Eligibility
  • Applicant must be a member of TNTESOL for a minimum of 1 year to be eligible.
  • Application must reflect the immediate impact provided to the English language learning community.
  • Tuition for degree-seeking students will not be considered for this scholarship.
  • Recipient must agree to submit an article for publication in the TNTESOL newsletter. 

Guidelines for Applying
  • Requested scholarship amount may not exceed $400
  • Application must be completed in electronic format and submitted to the email address provided above
  • Application must address one of  the following areas: Special Instructional Project, Educational Opportunity, or Professional Development. 
  • Conference-related travel expenses are NOT eligible for this award.
  • All sections of the application must be completed in order to be considered for this award. 
      • Part I: Demographics 
      • Part 2: Application Type

Previous Recipients by Fiscal Year

1984-85 – Doris Fortner, first recipient

1985-86  (no grants awarded)

1986-87 – Frances Clark, Ron Metzler

1987-88 – Zheng Ming Gong

1988-89 – Merikay Waldvogel

1989-90 – Robin Owens, Zeng Meili

1990-91 – Fran Jarrat, Ron Metzler, Linda Roth

1991-92 – Claire Skidmore

1993-97 (no grants awarded)

1997-98 – Margi Wald

1998-99 – Nicola Turner, Robert Hutchens, Janet Turner, Shelley Archuleta

1999-2000 – Larry Udry, Tom Johnson, Gabriela Kleckova, Judy Cleek

2000-01 – Robert G. Byrd

2001-2009 (no grants awarded)

2009–10 Dr. Beverly Hearn

2010-11 (no grants awarded)

2011–12 Molly Martin, Lee Anne Bauer, Tiffany Wilson-Mobley

2012-13 Paula Escobar, Dr. Patricia Davis-Wiley, Elizabeth Corbett

2013-14 - Jonathan Murray, Lori Likins, Jane Russell

2014-15 - Jill Winiger, Elizabeth Corbett

2015-2016 - Joseph Whinery

2016-2023 (no grants awarded)

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