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SETESOL Conference

The SETESOL Conference is the longest-running regional conference within TESOL. This annual conference, which began in the mid-1980s, is overseen by a regional council composed of representatives from each of the nine TESOL affiliates in the southeastern United States. This regional council meets twice a year: in the fall at the SETESOL conference and in the spring at the International TESOL Convention. SETESOL's annual regional conference rotates each year to a different state as determined by the pre-established calendar shown below.

 Year: Host: Website:
Fall 2022Virginia TESOL (VATESOL)VATESOL - Home (
Fall 2023Carolina TESOL (North & South Carolina)
Fall 2024Tennessee TESOL (TNTESOL)
Fall 2025Arkansas TESOL (ARKTESOL)
Fall 2026 Louisiana TESOL (LATESOL)
Fall 2027Kentucky TESOL (KYTESOL)
Fall 2028Alabama-Mississippi TESOL (AMTESOL)
Fall 2029Sunshine State TESOL (SSTESOL)

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