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Tennessee Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TNTESOL) Journal   

The Tennessee Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TNTESOL) Journal aims to facilitate collaboration among ESOL scholars and practitioners through discussion and reflection related to the teaching of English as a second or foreign language.  Manuscripts submitted for consideration may be research/empirical reports and analyses, position papers, or conceptual essays. 

General information

      • The TNTESOL Journal is an academic peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles focused on the teaching of English as a second or foreign language.
      • Manuscripts are accepted year-round. 
      • Authors are responsible for the accuracy of information within manuscripts.

Instructions for authors

  • Manuscripts and cover pages should be emailed to with the subject line “TNTESOL Journal Submission”. Both documents should be included in the same email as separate attachments.
  • Please remember to submit an abstract. Abstracts should be 200 words or less.
  • Manuscripts should be no longer than twelve pages, double-spaced, or no more than 4000 words. This included tables and figures.
  • All manuscripts must be fully blinded to ensure a reliable review process.
  • A cover page must be submitted as a separate document from the manuscript. The cover page must include the following information:

o Title of the manuscript

o Lead author’s name, email address, title/role, and institutional affiliation. All communication will occur with the lead author.

o Additional authors’ names, titles/role, institutional affiliation.

o A statement that this publication is not under consideration, nor has it been published elsewhere.

  • All manuscripts must meet publishing guidelines established by the American Psychological Associations (APA) Publication Manual (6th or 7th edition). Full references for all citations should be included.
  • All manuscripts must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format.
  • All tables and figures should be embedded in the manuscript.
  • All manuscripts must be double-spaced and composed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Review process

Authors will be notified via email upon receipt of the manuscript.  After preliminary editorial review, manuscripts that are aligned with the journal will then be double blind peer reviewed by referees.  A decision will be emailed to the lead author. 

The following rubric will be utilized by reviewers during the review process:  TNTESOL Journal Review Rubric.pdf

Previous publications 

Click here to see previous TNTESOL Journal publications that are currently on the website.

Please send all questions to 

ISSN 2150-5527

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